About Me

Hi there! I am Divyanshi Dhouni, founder of ‘ Her Better Space’ and a dreamer who is designing her life. I believe in living life to the fullest and making the most of it every day. When I am not writing, you will see me reading a book, planning a trip, or hogging some delicious Indian food!

My Story In A Nutshell

I am a creative with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. During my college, I realized I wanted to explore the creative side of myself more. I started writing part-time which made me realize I have a creative core and absolutely love expressing myself.

During the pandemic, I started focusing on self-development a lot. I realized that I should not spend more years of my life holding myself back from doing things I really want to do! I always wished things to be perfect and then go for something of my own.

I found ways to make my life meaningful, let myself relax, improve my mental well being and become a happier human. I decided to go for a post-graduate degree in Digital Media and start a blog of my own.

The changes I saw in me impelled me to do more and become better for myself. I am learning how to grow as a person each day to make my life more fulfilling. That is how ‘Her Better Space‘ came about.

How Can ‘Her Better Space’ Help You?

  • You will be getting my real tips on self-development which I have experienced myself and strongly believe in.
  • Getting my healthy lifestyle tips which has brought great changes in my life.
  • Learn about various digital skills and tools that I have been working on and learning for the past three years now.

I hope my blog inspires you and you learn a lot from it as you explore it!