Are you planning to create digital content on your own? Do you like to plan to start a blog or start your own online business? Listed below are some resources and tools that can help you with your dreams.

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For Website Creation and Management


If you are looking to start a website on a budget with easy-to-handle self-hosting, it doesn’t get better than Hostinger.

If you use my link, you can get up to you can get discount on a total plan. Once you set up your hosting, you can also install for free to get started with creating content on your website. Check out this step to step blog post to get started with your blog.


If you are starting a new blog, Namecheap is one of the best options out there. Namecheap works out cheaper than Godaddy and the support is excellent. So if you are looking to secure your domain, can go with Namecheap as a safe and reliable option.

My Boutique Themes

Are you looking for a nice feminine or lifestyle theme for your website? Her Better Space uses an Adorable Theme from My Boutique Themes. They have really pretty collections.