how to be more positive in life

How To Be More Positive In Life

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Looking for some good vibes? Welcome to this blog where we are going to share some life tips on how to be more positive. Life can be a bummer sometimes but if we embrace the power of positivity, we can cultivate a positive outlook.

There is no rocket science or certain kind of life that makes you a positive person, there are simple strategies that can make things lighter and bring a smile to your face. 

Whether you’re already a positive pro or just starting, we’ve got something for you. So let’s dive into these positive life tips.

how to be more positive

How To Be More Positive: Tips For A Happier Life

Start Your Day With A Routine

What do you do after you wake up? How do you feel in the morning? A daily routine can make you happier and more positive.

Have you ever noticed how you feel fresh after having a good night’s sleep and waking up early?

Setting up a routine is important for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will keep you mentally and physically upright.

So what does a positive routine actually mean?

Wake up a bit earlier than you usually do. Hydrate yourself and go out for fresh air.

Make your bed and practice meditation or deep breathing. Go for a physical activity for atleast 15 minutes a day, it will activate your brain cells making you more energetic throughout the day.

Do not skip your breakfast. Take 5 minutes to plan your day, and write it in a planner or journal. This morning routine will set a positive vibe for the rest of the day.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

People around you impact your life in a great way. It is said that if you want to become something, spend time with people who are already doing it or want to do it.

Their mindset and thoughts can build a lot of ours. Spending time with people who you feel love you, motivate you, and make you happy can make your life positive.

As we grow old, our circle becomes smaller, make sure you have 2-3 people in your life who you have a strong bond with.

These should be the people who you can trust, love, and who can help you in growth. Let go of toxic friendships or relationships that make you feel negative.

Include Daily Exercise In Your Day

Ever notice how refreshed you feel after running, sports, or some other activity? Physical activity releases endorphins that make you happy.

It is beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your mood elevation. It reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You stay fit and look good, this elevates your self-confidence too. If you have a hectic work life, go for atleast 15 minutes of exercise.

It can be running, dancing, skipping, or simple workouts. You can also include a sport whichever you like in your weekly schedule. 

Practice Meditation and Breathing Exercise

Practicing meditation or deep breathing can relax and fill you with positivity. This is not something that you necessarily do in the morning.

You can do it at any time of the day when you feel you need to boost positivity. Find a comfortable and quiet place. Free your mind of all thoughts, and take deep breaths. With each breath, imagine taking positivity in and releasing stress and negative emotions.

Repeat this pattern for just 5-10 minutes until you feel calm. I personally do this and this has brought significant changes in situations when I am stressed.

For more information on meditation and breathing techniques, you can watch videos on YouTube or consult a professional.

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time in nature can help you calm down and stay positive. With the arrival of technology, we have this habit of staying at home, glued to our screens, and barely spending time outside in nature.

Outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, walking, or meditation can promote physical health and well-being. It boosts your mood and energy level.

How can you spend more time outside? Go camping, hiking, or take up a nature-based hobby. You can start a garden in your backyard or a mini garden on your balcony.

Visit a beach or lake, or go for a picnic with friends. Make it a regular part of your life, go daily, weekly, or monthly by your choice.

Distance Yourself From Draining Relationships

Some people and things bring negative feelings to you. You know it yourself, they give you vibes that you don’t like, you feel strained after spending time with them, and they always have to say something bad about you and others.

Try to maintain a distance from such people, save yourself, and be a little selfish when it comes to your mental health.

No matter how much you love them, if they are not good for you, you must keep a healthy distance.

Limit Exposure On Social Media

Social media has become a different world altogether. We step into this world daily and it affects our thought processes and mindset.

But everything should be in balance. Notice how many hours are you spending on social media and what kind of content are you taking in.

Set some boundaries like times when you will use social media, keep a screen lock, or log out of your apps when you don’t want to stay focused. Replace this with offline activities. 

I have written a blog on how to stop phone addiction and live life offline. Check it out for more tips.

Engage in Activities That Make You Happy

Prioritizing activities that can make you happy is an act of self-love and must be practiced. Add such activities to your daily life. It can be a hobby or interest. These hobbies are essential for your overall well-being and sense of fulfillment. Here is a list of activities that make you happy. 

Let Go of Things You Can’t Control

Letting go of things you cannot control or change is a powerful practice that can change your life. It keeps you away from stress and gives you peace.

Focus on what you can do and if you can’t do anything, surrender it to the universe.

Learn that mistakes and setbacks are a part of life. What matters is how you respond to anything that goes wrong. Be kind to yourself and set some boundaries to protect yourself from people and situations.

Forgive People

Forgiveness is a powerful act that can heal you. Sometimes we hold on to things that have hurt us for a long time.

Allow yourself to feel the pain and validate your feelings. Understand that few things cannot go according to you in life, we are all humans and make mistakes.

Make a conscious decision to let go of negativity and focus on self-care and healing. Be patient and take your time. This will give your life positive aspects.

Make A Journal

Journaling can be of many types. Creating a positive journal can make you a positive person. Whether it is a traditional journal or a digital app, you can choose anything you find comfortable. 

You can journal about things like your travel, positive affirmations, self-awareness prompts, and gratitude journaling. Write about moments that made you smile, feel proud, or experience joy.

Add doodles, sketches, or collages that reflect your mood or emotions. Stay flexible and include things the way you want.

Consume Positive Content

We are surrounded by data today and content of every type is raining everywhere. You need to make sure that the content you are consuming online brings positivity to you.

The algorithm can change your mindset. What kind of pages are you following or what kind of reels or YouTube videos do you watch? Are they having a negative or positive impact on you? 

Go for content that aligns with your values like personal growth stories, or boosts your mood like comedy videos or pages where you can learn something and interests you like travel, food and fashion.

Seek Out Opportunity for Growth and Success

Finding out new opportunities is very important for personal growth. Cultivate a mindset of lifelong learning and acquire new information and skills.

How can you do so? Find out what are the skills that interest you. Take courses, read books, attend seminars or talk to people who are doing similar activities.

Regularly reflect on your experiences, and skills and make an improvement plan. Also, step outside your comfort zone and try new things.  

Cultivate A Sense Of Humour

It is important to see the lighter side of life even in difficult situations. Watch funny videos, memes, and go out with friends to laugh and create happy memories.

Incorporate fun activities in your daily life and do not take everything seriously. Playfulness makes you a positive person and also makes you an attractive person.

Practice Positive Self Talk

What would you say your thoughts are, mostly positive or negative? Pay attention to the thoughts you are having on a daily basis.

Cultivate a positive mindset by eliminating more negative thoughts and replacing them with positive one.

Try to think positively even in unfavorable situations, after a few times, this will become your habit. Challenge your negative thoughts, go for logic and remind yourself of your strengths.

Focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. If you feel too low, watch something positive or listen to uplifting songs.

Make sure you share your negative thoughts or tensions with your near ones. Talking to someone can lighten your thoughts and give you better perspectives.

Over To You

And there you have it! We have seen 15 tips on how to be more positive and happy. I encourage you to incorporate these in your daily life. These tips, if inculcated, can make a significant difference and your life positive. And always remember, the world could use a little more positivity, and you have the power to spread it wherever you go.

Until next time, keep shining bright, my friends!

how to be more positive

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