11 Valuable Lessons I Learned In 2022

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Another year, 2022 comes to an end, and what a year it has been!

This year, I lost, won, cried, laughed, and loved but above all, I learned a lot! There were lots of up and down in my life this going year and that’s what made it special in my self-growth journey. Here are 11 valuable lessons that I learned in 2022.

11 Valuable Lessons I Learned In 2022

1. Believe In Yourself

Self-assurance is essential when you want to keep moving forward in life. There were times this year when I felt things were not going anywhere and my confidence came shuddering.

Some people (even the closest) questioned my dreams, told me to give up and choose things other than my dreams. All this, that helped me through my hard times, was my self-belief. I considered others’ opinions but I never let their judgment of me define my path.

Believing in yourself will make you a resilient person. It is very important to connect your confidence with your goals.

For this, you need to be self-aware and know your strengths and weaknesses. As it is said, when you know about yourself, when you believe in yourself then it doesn’t matter who else does.

You be your own best friend, your own motivator, your own idol! This blog ‘Her Better Space’ has been truly my better space this year and a result of believing in myself!

2. Accept Things As They Are

I believe that It happens with all of us, we initially take things as we want to but later regret them. It can be about a person, a choice, or a thing.

Now, I have started accepting situations and people as they are. When you accept others as they are, you will find peace in yourself.

3. Others See You As You See Yourself

This is something I have seen and learned over time. We may have a lot of complexes about us, we try to hide them and portray a different us in front of others but this eventually fades out! Have you ever felt that in the company of a few people you just feel charged up and positive? 

They may have been going through something bad too but you just know that he/she is an optimist and you believe in them.

The way you view yourself will influence how others see you. You if are always miserable in front of others, they will believe that. If you are mostly confident and positive, you will have a positive impact on them.

And how will you know what you radiate? It is what you think about yourself. Whether you want it or not, the way you feel about yourself will become your reality. Also, how you treat others will always reflect upon you as a person.

4. Self Awareness Is Important To Grow

Knowing myself was the biggest contributor in my growing journey. I got to know who I really am, actually I am still learning it and loving it.

I learned about my weaknesses and strengths, how I react in certain situations, what I like and don’t like, and so on. It helped me make better decisions in life, embrace myself, and gave me confidence.

I have a know-and-grow journal that can help you become self-aware. Check it out here.

5. The Simpler, The Better

If I have to give someone one-word advice in life, it would be- UNCOMPLICATE! Yes, making your life complicated will offer you no good.

I, being an overthinker, found it very hard to not complicate myself. And I am still learning this, to keep things simpler.

The simpler things are, the happier you will be. Here is my article on How To Make Your Life Simpler and Happier.

Now I try to eliminate things or situations that are causing any kind of needless drama. Life is too short to keep things that are complex and suck! Stop trying to be everywhere and everything and focus only on what’s truly necessary.

6. Either You Succeed, Or You Learn

Nobody loves to fail but someone who doesn’t fail doesn’t learn. I failed a lot in the last few years and how I am today is the result of my failures.

When I compare the people in my life who have been excellent and never failed to those who have failed and learned, I can clearly see those who failed to be better people.

Every time I failed I learned something. This has made me stronger and more resilient. I want to be successful but I would love to fail too sometimes and learn more.

7. Setting Boundaries

We never think or teach anyone about these things to us. Boundaries are invisible lines that you create to establish how others behave around you. We build these boundaries on the basis of our comfort level, beliefs, and past experiences. 

Even if we don’t understand what a boundary is, we do feel uncomfortable sometimes while saying ‘NO’ to a friend or when our friends make fun of an ugly situation we landed in.

When we laugh it off, we create an unhealthy mindset for ourselves. We sometimes may feel that we are being selfish, this is something I felt for a long time but it is NOT!

It is difficult, but being self-aware will help you create your own way of setting boundaries.

Using words like ‘ I feel…’ and ‘I need….’ instead of pointing out someone will make them understand your perspective better.

It will give you confidence and your relationship with others will improve when you communicate better.

8. Self-Love>> Everything

What is self-love? It’s nothing complicated. It’s something as simple as cooking your favorite meal, watching your favorite show in your cozy bed, or taking a break and doing absolutely nothing. It is when you keep your needs ahead of others. Here are a few things I love to do as a part of my self-care routine-

-Read a book

-Write something

-Visit a new place (I love outdoors!)

-Eating my favorite food


-Spend time close to nature

I learned to love myself more and that is the best thing I learned in my life! I would love to know what you do in your ‘Me Time’.

9. You Are Not Too Much For The Right People

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has criticized you for who you are? What did you do?

Well, I found my own people, and I didn’t do anything, it happened on its own. The greatest freedom is not caring what others think.

There are people who will love you for who you are, don’t let others convince you to lose your own shine. You are in the perfect amount of enough!

10. Things Will Not Always Go Your Way And That’s Okay

This is something I always hated to accept. When things didn’t go my way or as I planned, it used to make me sad and frustrated.

This year, I learned that even if things go another way, they may sometime end up better. I also believe that sometimes it is because god doesn’t want you to have that thing or want to show you something.

There are things I wanted for years which I had to let go this year. Learning and accepting will help you to cope better.

So I worked on my flexibility and ways to accommodate the change. If you have options, go for them. If you can’t find alternatives and you have no control over the situation, accept it, move on and focus on yourself.

11. It Is Never Too Late

I noticed how society has few rules, a certain thing should be done by a certain time and age or few things cannot be done when it is late? What I realized is that it is all in our heads.

In reality, it’s never too late and you are never less capable to do something if you have willpower. There are people who are highly successful at 20 and then those who started late in life and made it.

We don’t need to set a standard timeline for life (I did earlier and now regret it). You do what you love to do, it will never be too late or early!

The Year Ahead..2023!

This year has genuinely changed me. I feel more at peace now knowing joy waiting for me no matter what happens in life. Welcome another year with open arms, because there is so much power in the new beginnings! Happy New Year, Everyone!

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