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How to Have Healthier Relationships With People Around You

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The relationships we make in our lives are important for our emotional well-being. Human is a social animal and having healthier relationships are as important as food and water. Wondering how to make healthy relationships with people around you? In this article, I am going to discuss 10 ways to have healthier relationships with people around you. 

Relationships, whether romantic or with friends and family can affect your life to a  great extent. It can help you make your life healthier and happier.

Do you know that research suggests that people with good social relationships live a longer life? There are other benefits of having healthy relationships as well. Such as less stress, better healing, healthy self-behavior, you feeling motivated in life. 

Here are the ways you have healthier relationships with people around you.

How to Have Healthier Relationships With People Around You

1. Understand Others’ feelings and Opinions

One of the most important qualities needed to form good relationships is the ability to understand others’ opinions and feelings. Listen more and speak less. When you make the other person feel important, they trust you more. 

Sometimes you might feel a gap with someone or some people. Take initiative and start a conversation. Ask them about what going on in their lives.

Tell them about yours. Instead of rushing your response, give them time to open up. 

Tell them you understand even if you don’t agree at certain points. Put your points in a constructive way. It is imperative to show that you care about the person.

So that they don’t hesitate next time they want to share something with you.

2. Spend Time With People

It is said that technology has brought us closer but it can’t be denied that this digital world has created differences between our closer ones too.

People, especially younger, spend more time on social media than with their families. It has started affecting our relationships. 

Spending time with people in person has a positive impact on your mental and emotional well-being. Our brain releases hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins which are called ‘Happy Hormones’.

Try to sit down with your family daily for at least 15 minutes. If you are busy in the morning, make sure you do it before bed.

Stay connected to them through messages if you are not able to give them time any day.

Plan outings twice a month. Ask them about their lives and tell them what is going on in yours. These simple acts can make a huge difference in the relationships you want to preserve.

3. Learn About Your and People’s Emotional Triggers

As we grow old, we start understanding ourselves better. We learn about our strengths and weaknesses. If you still don’t know, it is time to sit down and question yourself. 

Ask what makes you feel emotionally weak, and when you feel most irritated or angry.

We all are different and therefore react to situations differently. When we accept people for their behavior, it becomes easier to not be hurt and get hurt by the other person. 

How would you know someone’s emotional triggers? If you are close to someone, chances are you already know this, you just need to analyze. If you are not sure about someone, you can simply ask them as a friend.

4. Saying ‘Sorry’ For The Good

You and I, we all mess up sometimes! We think of ‘sorry’ as something that can hurt our image. But I think of sorry as a very positive word. Keeping grudges and egos will never benefit you as a person. 

A simple ‘sorry’ can make your relationship positive and can prevent it from getting sour. When you apologize, it makes the other person believe that you value the relationship which develops respect as well.

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5. Conversations over Fights

You may have a difference of opinion with someone but how do you deal when it happens? Do you scream, do you ignore or do you have a healthy conversation?

Well, you should have the last one always. 

It is important to understand that we all have different perspectives and listen to what the other one is trying to do and why. Explain to them your point of you calmly.

If you stay calm and listen to the other person without interrupting them, other people can’t get angry. 

Fighting will only drain your energy and affect your relationship. If you are a short-tempered person, try doing meditation and breathing exercises. It will help you in becoming a calmer person.

how to have healthier relationships with people

6. Let Go of Any Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage means negative feelings that we have acquired through the years. This may be for a person, experience, place, or anything else.

These emotions will only harm you if you keep assembling them. 

Instead, let go of all the pessimistic thoughts. Ask yourself what is it that is affecting you so much. Talk to your close ones, people you trust about it. Search for a solution, and find out what you can do about it. 

If you have no control over it now, let it go. You will feel relieved and much stronger as a person. Remember that your freedom from your past is in your hands and happiness is in your control.

Try to make your life simpler rather than complicated.

7. Stop Taking Everything Personally

Everyone has something that we are sensitive about. You may have come across citations where you hear something uncomfortable, something you didn’t expect or like.

Accept the fact that criticism is a part of life, and start taking it positively. Whether it’s your family or friends, they may tell you things that you may not like. 

Do not overthink or overreact. Think of why they are saying so or why they feel a certain way about you. Take it as a way to improve yourself. 

Sometimes people can be mean if you feel uncomfortable again and again you must tell them to stop.

Question yourself and be honest with yourself. Instead of taking things personally, use them as a personal investment. this is something you must not ignore if you want to have healthier relationships.

8. Constructive Criticism Over Bashing

Instead of criticizing someone, try to give them constructive feedback. If you are pointing out some flaws, also add some good points to neutralize the effect of criticism.

You can tell a person that they might perform better if they do it in a certain way. 

Start with a compliment and then slowly move to something you want to talk about but don’t stress about it. Make it seem casual and pick your words. Don’t make negative or hurtful comments. 

9. Don’t Nag or Give Unwanted Preachings

We may intentionally or unintentionally start a conversation with someone that they might not like.

Do not make efforts that are unwanted because it feels like nagging to the person on the receiving end. Instead, try to shorten your words.

Have clear and concise conversations and don’t take up a confrontational tone! Notice if the other person is interested.

You know you can make out if they want to proceed or not. Do not expect the other person to do things in the exact same manner as you feel is correct.

10. Share Experiences

Sharing your life experiences makes the other person understand more about you. They may be good or bad, but they say a lot about your personality. 

The person you are sharing with will trust you more. This will develop into a good relationship. Ask the other person what they feel about it. 

Enquire about their experiences if they want to but don’t force them. It will also improve your mental health as you will feel confident about yourself.

Over to You!

These were some of the ways of how to have healthier relationships with people around you. Sometimes a good friend, family member, or trusted colleague can make your life easier and meaningful, so never underestimate the power of having good relationships. I hope you like this article and develop better relationships in life. Happy Living!

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