ways to improve your intellectual health

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Intellectual Health

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Are you seeking ways to improve your intellectual health? If yes, that’s a great way for personal growth!

Intellectual health refers to the state of mind of an individual during his lifespan.

It includes the ability of your brain to participate in intellectual activities, learn, interact with new people, and develop skills and ideas.

Many people ignore intellectual health and pay more focus to their physical well-being. It is very important to dedicate time to emphasize your brain health and keep it fit.

Intellectual health is important for lifelong healthy brain functioning and overall good health.

improve your intellectual health

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Intellectual Health

Here I am going to discuss simple ways, which are free of charge and create a great difference to improve your intellectual health.

1. Be Curious 

Being curious is a sign of healthy brain functioning curiosity stimulates brain activity which leads to brain cell activation. You will learn something new out of it which will increase your knowledge too. 

But how can you be curious when nothing big is happening? It is not that complicated. Look at things around you. Find out why the weather at your place is like what it is.

Learn how to repair a gadget by yourself when something goes wrong. There can be a lot of things to learn because nobody knows enough.

2. Learn/ Try Something New

Earlier scientists used to believe that the brain stops growing after a certain age during childhood but current research shows that the brain can change and grow throughout your life.

Try something new that you have never done before!

It can be learning a new language, some sport, or traveling to a place you have never seen. Push your limits and get out of that comfort zone. 

Some of my friends who have made this change in their life have said that they were much happier after trying new things.

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3. Be Physically Active

A healthy lifestyle is important for the proper functioning of a body and mind.

Physical activity does great benefit to your body, but it also affects your intellectual ability. Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise other than your daily routine.

It enhances your learning and sharpens your memory. Studies show that aerobic exercises (running, biking, dancing, swimming, etc) stimulate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is a substance known for brain growth.

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4. Interact With People

Humans are social creatures, we have realized this during the pandemic. Studies have shown that people who interact with other people often are happier than those who don’t.

Make efforts in relationships, interact and learn from people around you. Your bond with your friends and family members plays a major role in your intellectual wellness.

Therefore, it is important to spend time with them as often as possible. Read how to have a healthier relationship with the people around you.

5. Eat Right

Did you know the brain consumes 20% of your body’s energy? As a kid, I used to think that food is good for just the body, but as an adult, I know that it is fuel for your brain too.

Some of the great food sources for the brain I know are walnuts, blueberries, green vegetables, and chocolates. 

You can find out a lot of them on the internet and ask an expert how to consume them.

Also, take note of foods that you must avoid or reduce that affect your brain in a harmful way.

6. Take Care Of Your Emotions

We all have different IQs and EQs. Your emotional health is important as it affects your brain’s healthy functioning.

Extreme of anything is not good, and so is the case with emotions. You can improve your IQ by regularly studying and learning new things. But how will you improve your EQ?

If you are someone who is extremely emotional or takes a lot of stress, it’s time to work on that as we all know stress affects our mental health and brain negatively.

Practice how to balance your emotions, it will improve your decision making too.

7. Meditation is Great!

There are various benefits of meditation but the most important ones are intellectual health. Meditation provides calmness and gives great mental and emotional clarity.

It increases your concentration and lowers your stress. 

Do you have doubts about meditation, how to do and when to do it? I too had doubts earlier!

I started my meditation practice for 5 minutes a few months ago and now I do it for 15 minutes. This has brought a great change in my life so much so that I tell all my friends to do it.

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I will write a complete blog on how meditation has changed my life in the future. You can find videos on how to start meditation on YouTube.

8. Brain Storming Through Games

Games that include brain activity can help improve your intellectual health. You can get a puzzle game, find a book on sudoku, or play chess.

Do some brainstorming at least once a week. These games can stimulate your brain power and improve your memory.

9. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is imperative for proper brain functioning. You should hydrate yourself as soon as you wake up.

Do you experience headaches and moodiness when you are dehydrated? Well, that’s what happens when your brain needs water. Increase hydration and it will improve your brain clarity and focus.

10. Know ‘You’

Yes, it is important to know about things around you but it is equally important to know about yourself.

It is said that your relationship with yourself reflects your relationship with others. Read How to have a better relationship with yourself.

Take a few minutes a day to talk to yourself, think about how your life is going, your future plan, your behavior your likes and dislikes, etc.

It will improve self-awareness and we’ll give you a deeper understanding of yourself. When you know about yourself you are more confident.

When Are You Starting?

These are a few of two ways how to improve your intellectual health and acquire a healthy mind.

Try incorporating these activities and you will see the difference. Motivate others to engage in them too. These can surely improve your intellectual health and make your life better.

improve your intellectual health

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