things to do when anxious

10 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Anxious

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We all go through some difficult times in life. The feeling of getting anxious and overwhelmed is common at such times.

There are a few ways to reduce the intensity of these feelings. These can help you calm your mind and manage your stress. Here are a few things to do when you are feeling anxious.

things to do when you are feeling anxious

Things To Do When You Are Feeling Anxious

1. Spend Time With Plants

Spend time with nature spending time in nature involves a lot of activities. These activities have amazing effects on our mental health.

You can go out in a park full of greenery and flowers or you can simply grow plants in your home and water them.

I started growing indoor plants during covid and fell in love with the process of their growth.

Talk to your plants, water them, and notice them growing every day, it gives you a lot of good energy and you will add a positive vibe to your home.

2. Creative Activities

Many of the therapeutic activities involved being creative as it is a special way of engaging your mind in something other than stress.

Creativity improves your problem-solving ability and makes you happy.

You can try simple creative activities like painting, doodling, or room decor. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are creating something and making something more beautiful.

3. Cooking

Studies have shown that cooking has therapeutic effects on people. It makes you feel calm and good about yourself.

If you are cooking for others, it also gives you a sense of care and satisfaction. Whenever you are having a bad day, try it and you’ll definitely feel good.

There is a lot of creativity involved and the result is like a reward in the end. Also, when you’re cooking for yourself, you are making sure that the quality of your food is good.

You can try new recipes from the internet, go outside and buy the ingredients and make it all by yourself. 

4. Leave Your Phone 

How often do you try to give yourself a break from your phone?

Today, even staying away from my phone is stressful, this shows how much we are emotionally dependent on technology.

Many times, our phones are the reason why we are stressed and anxious. Read How To Stop Phone Addiction and Live Life Offline

You can try this simple activity of staying away from a phone for one to two hours every day.

Keep your phone in another room, and use this time to do house chores or simply do something you love to do.

It will improve your habit of mindlessly checking it. In addition, improve your focus and reduce your emotional dependency on phones

5. Declutter 

Decluttering your room and surrounding is a great therapeutic to reduce your anxiety.

Remove everything that you do not need anymore and make give room simple and attractive.

Start with your closet, if you have more time you can also try decorating your room.

Make sure that you clean your room at least once a week by yourself and keep everything organized so that you become less stressed and more productive.

Read my blog on how to make your life more organized.

6. Social Media Break

Social media nowadays has become a cause of anxiety for many people out there. There are many reasons for this.

Some people are just feeling lonely and use social media to pass time and become addicted to it.

Another way social media can affect you is by looking at everyone else’s pictures and videos and feeling insecure.

If you are also feeling this take a break, log out of social media for a week and see the difference.

Taking a social media break improves your mindfulness annual increases your productivity. 

This is something I have heard from many of my friends who decided to log out of their social media handles for just two days.

Even I am someone who has tried it for one whole year and I will be writing blogs soon to share my story. Read my blog on How To Stop Phone Addiction and Live Offline

7. Meditation

According to Buddha, “Meditation trains the mind to not dwell in the past a contemplative about the future it, lets the mind settle in the now and allow us to see the beauty of the present.” There are many proven benefits of meditation.

Studies have proved that meditation enhances the brain’s problem-solving ability and decision-making process.

Meditation is a natural stress stabilizer, it promotes emotional health by keeping our cortisol level low.

We become more focused and motivated. There are many blogs and videos on the internet that can help you with how to start meditating.

You can start with 5 minutes and later on expand the time. I am sure you start seeing the difference within the first week.

8. Read a Book

We have a habit of going to bed with our phones. The light from phones activates your brain and makes it hard for it to relax.

Try reading books to help reduce anxiety by engaging your brain in them. It can help you if you are having trouble sleeping. Read How To Sleep Better At Night

If you are someone who is not a reader, start with simple short stories.  Choose what kind of book you like to read.

You can just make small targets of reading 5 pages or 10 minutes a day.

9. Write a Journal

Writing can be a great stress reliever for many people including me. Keeping a journal is a great way to do it.

You can write about anything you want to do, your daily life, and positive and negative incidents going on in your life, but make sure that in the end, you get positive inside.

You can buy a gratitude journal in which you write things you are grateful about.

Before going to bed, you can write about one good thing that happened to you on that day.

When you feel stressed, you can open the box or jar and read some good memories.

Read How To Start Journaling For Self Improvement

10. Have a Hot Beverage

We have seen Sheldon Cooper in ‘Big Bang Theory’ offering a hot beverage to anybody who’s stressed.

Drinking a hot beverage is great for relieving your stress and increasing endorphin levels. It relaxes your mind.

Try drinking herbal tea instead of something like coffee which has caffeine. When you drink something hot, it increases your blood flow, which is linked to muscle relaxation.

Over To You

These are some of the few things to do when you feel anxious. You can use these tips when you feel anxious. I hope these will help you get better!

things to do when you are feeling anxious

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