how to build a better relationship with yourself

How To Build A Better Relationship With Yourself

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It is said that the most powerful relationship you can have is a relationship with yourself. How you see and feel about yourself is imperative and you struggle sometimes in life searching for how to build a better relationship with yourself.

In order to improve your relationship with yourself, one must first realize its importance of it. A good relationship with yourself will be the most important you will ever need.

You have come here, so I assume you are already on the path to creating a healthy relationship with yourself. Here I am giving you 10 ways how to build a better relationship with yourself. 

how to build a better relationship with yourself

How To Build A Better Relationship With Yourself

1. Accept Yourself

We all may have 99.9% similar genetic makeup but that 0.1% is what makes you different from each other, physically, mentally, or emotionally. As we grow up we learn more about ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses, trigger points, what makes us happy, etc.

We want to be as good as possible but sometimes we may feel the other way because we find ourselves different from what we want ourselves to be.

Even two siblings can have many differences. In order to build a better relationship with yourself, accepting yourself is the most important thing you need to do in life.

Accept the way you look, think, you behave because that’s what makes you unique! When you accept yourself, you will be more confident. Always have scope for self-development but believe in yourself and learn to accept yourself.

2. Find People With Similar Goals

We often get this advice that you are known by the company you keep so you should be with people you want to be like. Is this true that being with people that share similar goals helps you? 

The study says yes! When you are with people with whom you can share your interests, you get motivated to work more and stay positive towards your goal, especially people who you find better than you.

Your friends and family may not find your interests compelling but that’s fine, accept the fact that we all are different and like different things, and seek people you find interesting.

Join extracurricular activities, find online communities, and spend time with friends who are similar. This will make your life interesting and you will be attracted to your goals and hobbies. 

3. Prepare A Crisis Plan

A crisis plan may sound scary but it is important for yourself. It is any situation where you feel stressed and it starts impacting your life negatively.

It can be the loss of a job, family disruptions, or some health issues. How will you deal with such problems if they arrive?

Prepare yourself with a plan to tackle such happenings in the future. For example, you can start saving a certain amount every month from your salary, you can get health insurance, and you can make your relationships with people healthy.

These are a few things that you can do, there may be many such situations, make sure you have a plan in your mind for whenever you need one.

4. Practice Self Care

With the world pacing faster, we often forget to make time for self-care. Self-care is important for your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Take some time out and pamper yourself. Do things you love, you can do it daily, weekly, or monthly.

For example, you can make a skin care routine daily, a plan for hanging out with your friends weekly, and go on a trip every second month.

A self-care routine helps in reducing stress and improves your mood and energy levels. This way you will give importance to yourself which is important for your self-development.

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5. Ditch the Virtual World

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. Do you know that an average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media? Half of the time we are using our phones, we are active on our socials.

We have started giving so much importance to it that we judge our lives too much based on it. The internet is full of positives and negatives.

It depends on you how you let it affect you. You would click 50 pictures of yourself but post only the best 2, everyone does the same.

We are displaying our best selves out there and so are others. Stop comparing and judging yourself based on what you see on social media. We all have our own life, focus on how we can make yours different and positive.

Use your phone to uplift your life and get inspired. Live in the real world as much as possible.

Hang out with friends, experience the world, and make your relationships healthy. This can create a huge difference in the way you see the world

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6. Learn From Your Mistakes

We humans are not immune to making mistakes. What matters is how we view our mistakes and how we react to them.

Major or minor, we learn from every mistake we make. But sometimes even thinking about some of those can bring back that panic.

Instead of blaming yourself and being hard on yourself, try to analyze. See what went wrong and why did it happen. Do not hide mistakes or blame others for them.

When you own them, you become stronger and other people will respect you too. Take it as a learning opportunity, if you don’t fail or make mistakes how will you learn from them?

7. Take Out Time For Yourself

I know most of our time can be hectic but make sure you take out some time for yourself. This can improve your mood and relax your mind.

You can just take 15 minutes a day out for yourself, in that time do something you love or simply sit somewhere you love and relax. 

Find something that makes you happy like music or painting or dancing. Do it atleast once a week. You will be more productive and happy.

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8. Do Yoga and Meditation

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘to unite. As per yogic scriptures, yoga leads to the union of individual self-consciousness and that of the universe. Today, more and more people are adopting yoga and meditation in their lives.

Meditation not only improves your memory and concentration but also helps in anxiety and stress reduction. There are unlimited benefits that can occur once you start adopting yoga in your life. Want to know how you can begin it?

There are many videos online from experts who can tell you how to begin yoga and meditation. I myself saw a lot of differences and I have been doing it for the last two years. This is what I suggest to all my friends and to you too.

9. Be Curious About Yourself

Knowing yourself is as important as knowing the outside world. Self-awareness not only makes you more confident, but it also makes you independent of others’ opinions as well.

When you know yourself, it becomes easy to make decisions and choose better things in life. What should you be curious about? Is knowing your favorite color or dish enough?

No, you need to know yourself deeply, this process of self-awareness is gradual and that’s okay. 

You can start with journaling, write about your goals, strengths, likings, or how would you react in a particular situation. Once you start acknowledging emotions within you, it becomes easy for you to understand others.

This will not only improve and make your relationship healthier with yourself but with others too.

Journaling can be a great way to know yourself better, read Self Love Journal Prompts and start your journaling journey today!

10. Do Meaningful Things In Life

When was the last time you felt truly happy knowing that you have done something meaningful? We all have a list of things we want to do in life but do not find the time or keep making excuses. 

Doing meaningful things is very important in life, these are the things that make our lives worth living.

Discover things you love, know what things matter most to you in life, it can be family or a sport or anything that nobody knows of.

Spend on experiences rather than materialistic things. Start with simpler things, do one thing at a time. This will make your life interesting and meaningful.

Over To You

These were some of the ways how to build a better relationship with yourself. Know that you are the most important person in your life, what you think and feel should be the most important. Because, out of all the relations, your relationship with yourself should be the best!

how to build a better relationship with yourself

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