50 Funny Self Care Quotes and Captions : Embrace Self Care With Laughter

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As we grow old, life becomes a nonstop marathon of responsibilities and work. It is important to infuse some self-care in our day-to-day life that turns our ordinary routine into something wonderful. Here are 50 funny self care quotes because humor is an undeniable way of easing stress and a door to self-care. 

Whether you are searching for inspiration or some laughter filled captions, this blog is all about embracing the comical and quirky side of self-care.

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Funny Self Care Quotes and Captions

You can use these quotes as self care captions for your captured self care moments. Funny Self Care Quotes and Captions.

“Self-care is my superpower. I turn pizza into positive energy.”

funny self care quotes

“When life gets tough, I talk to food. It’s cheaper than therapy!”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care is like a good joke – it should never be taken too seriously.”

“I meditate daily. Usually, while deciding what to have for my next meal.”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care is pretending to have it all together while wearing mismatched socks.”

“I do yoga to relieve stress. Also, to reach the snacks on the top shelf.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care day involves food, sleep, and avoiding adult responsibilities.”

Self-care is my excuse for buying more scented candles than I could ever possibly burn.”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care: because adulting without cookies is just surviving.”

“My self-care routine includes talking to my plants. They’re the only ones who truly understand me.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care involves binge-watching TV shows. It’s like a mental marathon, really.”

“I practice self-care by staying hydrated. Coffee counts, right?”

funny self care quotes

“I believe in self-care, and by that, I mean self-indulgence with a side of Netflix.”

“Self-care is my excuse for wearing pajamas all day. Fashion can be exhausting, you know?”

funny self care quotes

“I’ve mastered the art of self-care: it’s a delicate balance between comfort food and stretchy pants.”

Self-care yoga for inner peace, but end up finding my inner snack cravings.”

“Self-care is a bubble bath and a good book, or at least that’s what I tell people.”

“I take self-care seriously. Seriously leave me alone, I’m napping.”

“Self-care is my secret weapon for surviving Mondays. That, and an extra shot of espresso.”

“I’m a self-care enthusiast. By that, I mean I really, really enjoy eating snacks.”

funny self care quotes

“I practice self-care by giving my inner critic a timeout and letting my inner child eat dessert first.”

“Self-care tip: Buy the shoes. Your feet deserve a walk in style.”

“My self-care routine is simple: I put on a face mask and pretend I’m in a skincare commercial.”

funny self care quotes

“I’m on a strict self-care diet: chocolate in one hand, remote control in the other.”

“Self-care is listening to your body. Especially when it says, ‘Treat yourself to another slice.'”

“My self-care philosophy: When in doubt, take a dance break in your living room.”

“I’m an expert in self-care procrastination. The longer the to-do list, the more Netflix I need.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care technique involves talking to my plants. They may not respond, but they’re great listeners.”

“I’m all about self-care – self-carefully deciding which TV show to re-watch for the hundredth time.”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care: because ‘treat yourself’ is not just a motto, it’s a way of life.”

“My self-care routine is as complex as my coffee order – which is to say, not very.”

“Self-care is my remedy for life’s chaos. Well, that and a good playlist.”

“I meditate daily, mainly while waiting for my food to arrive.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care routine involves scrolling through memes until my spirit animal reveals itself.”

“Self-care tip: Take a nap. Naps are like a time machine to happiness.”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care is my power move. I own the couch, and I’m not afraid to use it.”

“Self-care: the art of leaving social events early to catch up on my favorite TV shows.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care secret? A good Netflix show and an even better snack.”

“I practice self-care by engaging in meaningful conversations with my dog. He’s a great listener.”

funny self care quotes

“I’m a connoisseur of self-care, specializing in snacks and sitcoms.”

funny self care quotes

“I take self-care seriously. By that, I mean I seriously consider ordering dessert.”

“My self-care motto: Laughter, lounging, and liberating the last piece of cake.”

“I do self-care like a boss: Pajamas on, worries off, and snacks within arm’s reach.”

funny self care quotes

“My self-care routine: Yoga poses interspersed with reaching for the TV remote.”

“Self-care is like a puzzle. A puzzle where every piece is a different kind of snack.”

“I’m all about self-care. Today’s agenda: Self-care, snacks, repeat.”

funny self care quotes

“Self-care is the gentle art of canceling plans and embracing your inner introvert.”

“Self-care Sunday: The day where I strategically arrange snacks around my relaxation station.”

funny self care quotes

“I practice self-care by pretending to understand complex skincare routines while using one moisturizer.”

“Self-care: the fine art of nap scheduling and biscuit sampling.”

Which of these were your favorites? Enjoy these funny self care quotes and captions and don’t forget to balance these with some genuine self care practices. Share these with your wonderful pictures.

And, if you are looking for some self care quotes for your room decor check them out here! Happy self care! 

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