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Period Kit Guide For Comfort and Confidence

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As a woman, having a well-prepared period kit can make your periods convenient and you, more relaxed. Whether you are having your first period or trying to upgrade your existing kit, this blog will help you create a practical and friendly period kit.

A period kit is basically a collection of necessary items that a woman needs during her periods. It serves as a trouble-free way to ensure comfortable periods. If you have a daughter, make sure you educate her when she reaches a certain age and make her a first period kit.

period kit

Period Kit Guide For Comfort and Confidence

Menstrual Products

These are the must-have products in periods. A period kit should have one or two of these.

These absorb blood flow and prevent leakage. With changing times, more and more options are becoming available for girls and women.

Choose the best option according to your comfort level-

Sanitary Pads

These are the absorbing pads that stick to your panty. There are a variety of pads available in the market today. If you are a teen or new to periods, explore all types of options to find your best one. 


These are soft cotton or rayon-based products that are inserted in the vaginal canal. They should be used for up to 4-8 hours (US FDA) after placing them inside the vagina.

These are of different sizes based on the flow and provide better physical freedom. 

Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is considered a medical device and is becoming more and more popular. It can be inserted and removed by the one using it with a little bit of practice.

Once inserted in the vagina, it collects all the menstrual material in it.

A menstrual cup can work longer and is a reusable product, unlike tampons and pads. It has to be properly sanitized before inserting again. You can get the directions to use it with the menstrual cup. 

Panty Liner

Panty liners are not only period products, these can be used on normal days as well. These are used to absorb minimal leakages.

Personal Hygiene Products

Maintaining personal hygiene is important all the time but especially during periods we should keep more care of it. Here are some products to add to your period kit for your personal hygiene.

Read my blog on Personal Hygiene Products You Can Carry In Your Bag to know what items can fit right in your bag and are helpful in daily life.

Wet Wipes

These are important in the event of cleaning. You can use it in your areas surrounding the intimate areas if there is any leakage. Wet wipes make cleaning hassle-free and provide freshness.

Hand Sanitizer

That’s basic: after removing the pad or tampon you must wash your hands and sanitize them. 

Disposable Bag

Menstrual waste should not be disposed of in the open or along with domestic waste. It should be properly wrapped in a newspaper or similar thing and disposed of in a disposable bag.

Never flush the pad/liner down a toilet. Having a disposable bag in your period kit is extremely important to take care of for human health.

Pain Relief

Period cramps are caused because of contractions in the uterus muscles.

When you menstruate, you shed the lining of the uterus and some females are more likely to experience period pain more than others.

These are some of the common ways to relieve period pain that you should ass to your period kit. 

Heat Pack

Using a heat pack can help you relax abdominal muscles. There are electric heating pads, and hot water bottles available in the market which are good options if you are at home.

One trending option is an abdominal heat patch that you can buy from any medical store. These are very convenient to use. 


Take any kind of medication or pain reliever after consulting and having a proper prescription from the doctor.

A Nutritious Diet

Taking a healthy diet is important during periods. A well-balanced diet can make a significant difference in how you experience menstruation.

By Incorporating nutrient-rich food and drinking enough water, you can support your body’s needs.

Take herbal teas that can soothe your muscles and make you feel energetic.

Add fruits, juices, and healthy snacks to your diet. Everybody is different and no one knows better than us what we need.

Tips To Stay Prepared

Dealing with emergency situations during periods can be very stressful. Being prepared can help you in managing these emergency scenarios. 

Spare Clothes

If you are traveling or are outside, and you had an accidental leakage, keeping an extra panty can be your savior.

Extra Pads/Tampons

Ever been in a situation where you were not ready for a heavy flow but it happened? Having extra pads/tampons can save you from such a situation.

Always keep them until your periods get over and after that for unexpected periods.

A Healthy Snack

Craving can kick in anytime during periods. Having a healthy snack in your bag can make you feel good if your period cravings just kick in. Also, feeding your body is important when it’s already feeling low.

Ask For Help

Remember that period is a natural part of life and seeking help should be normal. If you face any unexpected periods or any other situation, ask your friends, elders, or even strangers for help.

Comfortably discussing and asking openly for help creates a safe environment where women can feel comfortable.

Educate Yourself

Educating someone about the period is required to break the stigma surrounding this topic. Girls, especially those who are experiencing periods in their initial stages should be taught with support. 

Normalize the topic

Having conversations about periods was not considered normal, and still, people, even adults, feel shy about taking up this topic.

It should be taken as a normal bodily process and everyone as a society should learn about it and talk about it openly. 

Menstrual Hygiene

It is very important to teach young girls how to maintain good menstrual hygiene. Teach everything to them in their younger years.

For example, how often should one change a pad and how to dispose of a pad/tampon.

Talk to Elders/Doctors Regarding Myths

There are many misconceptions about periods in society. If you are someone young reading this blog, I will suggest you ask your elders or doctors about any information that you get. 

There are many websites, and educational videos on periods available on the internet today, take help from them. Do not shy away and keep a positive outlook. 

If you are an adult reading this, I want you to answer questions of young girls around you. Create a supportive environment so that this world can become period positive for the upcoming generation. 

Over To You

A period kit is a valuable tool for women that can be a great help to something that you experience every month. It promotes a positive attitude towards menstruation and gives females, especially those getting their first period, confidence and comfort. Happy Periods!

period kit

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