life skills to learn

10 Essential Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

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The twenties are the years of all the hurly-burly things in life. It’s because of the extreme shift from a teenager’s life to a grown-up one. You need to pay attention to a lot of things. During these crucial years of development, there are a few things that you must learn. What are these? Here is a list of 10 Essential Life Skills to Learn in your 20s.

It is an obvious fact that there is no age to learn a skill. You can learn these before your 20s or as soon as you realize you need these in your life.

Learning these skills in your 20s will make the hustle of this age easier for you!

life skills to learn

10 Essential Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

These are the most essential life skills that I feel every individual in their 20s must know. Count how many of these you know already. If it’s 6 and above, you are already growing!

1. Budgeting

Budgeting as a life skill is very essential for individuals to learn at an early age.

Whether you are spending your pocket money or you have started earning, you should learn to budget as soon as you start dealing with money.

Even the parents should teach the children how to budget and engage the children in small financial decisions.

This skill will help you to be aware of your expenses you will also learn many money-saving tactics. Budgeting is really important to achieve financial security.

2. First Aid

In early school days, we all learn what to do if our friend or ourselves gets an injury. What to do in basic first aid.

Maybe at that stage of your life, you didn’t realize its importance but now you must.

Become aware of certain health emergencies and diseases and how to handle them. You can watch its video on the internet or learn from a basic first aid book.

Learn how to do dressing if you get a cut, what to do if somebody gets a sprain, or how to know if somebody is getting a stroke. 

These are very essential learning that everyone should know so that when such a situation arrives, you will not panic.

This knowledge will come in handy not only for you but for people around you as well.

3. Emergency Situation

There are certain situations that are not in our hands, such as a natural disaster or maybe the recent covid-19 pandemic.

Have knowledge about how to keep yourself safe when such a situation comes.

Panicking is normal in such a situation, but your mind will work to find the solution if you know these things.

You will keep yourself, your family, and people near you safe. Know what to do when an earthquake comes or how to contact the police or ambulance when you need to.

Also, you should encourage others, especially kids and youngsters to know about preparedness when any disaster or emergency situation arrives.

4. Basic Cooking

Basic cooking is something every individual must learn for their survival.

You don’t have to become a chef. You may not like to cook or maybe you haven’t worked in a kitchen.

But there should be a few things that you must learn how to prepare.

The coronavirus pandemic is an example of a situation where you can be stuck all alone with no help.

Basic learning like cooking can make you survive in those situations.

Just learn how to make some easy recipes for dishes that you can eat in any situation. 

5. Keeping Your Room And House Clean

This is one of the best skills to learn in your early life.

From getting up in the morning and cleaning your bed to clearing your bed and desk before sleeping, we all need to learn these tiny but essential skills.

It will make your more organized and tidy. You will not be burdened with cleaning work.

Also, it will save you money in later life. Start by doing habits first like making your bed and cleaning your desk.

Slowly move towards a big task like cleaning your bathroom. It will take care of your hygiene too.

6. How To Use Home Appliances

With the help of technology, today we have appliances that make our life easy. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to use an appliance but didn’t know how to do it?

I have heard such stories from my friends so I believe it happens to many of us.

Learning about gadgets and appliances has become important as we are around them all the time.

You must learn how to do all the settings on your bread maker, how to use a vacuum cleaner, how to deep clean your refrigerator, and so on. 

You may come across new things. The good part is, today you get all the information on the internet. Learning is just a search away.

7. Protecting Your Digital Accounts

The world is turning digital rapidly. Today we have accounts and passwords for every other thing.

Many of us still don’t take digital protection seriously. For example, many of us keep the same password for every account. That’s a big big mistake!

Do you have the same keys for your home, car, or garage? Then why the same password?

Don’t keep the same one and also keep changing it every few months.

In addition to this, You must learn not to download any random apps or click on unusual links. Be smart as the world is changing.

8. Self Care

Taking care of oneself is imperative as you grow up. We often ignore self-care in our 20s.

In this phase, we get so wrapped up in our college and jobs and friends that we do not put much thought into taking care of ourselves.

Basic self-care habits that you must follow are- Taking proper sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, following proper hygiene, and also doing things for your own happiness.

Take out time for activities you love to do, your hobbies, seeing your friends, and talking to your close ones.

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9. Exercise And Nutrition

We often ignore nutrition as a part of our lives. The earlier you know about it and implement it, the better it is.

Proper nutrition along with exercise is important for building your body healthy and free of diseases.

Have knowledge about macro and micronutrients and their significance.

When you are in your 20s, exercise will add quality of life even in your 30s and beyond.

Exercising not only makes your body fit but also improves your mood by releasing endorphins which make you happier.

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10. Good Communication Skills

When you are in your 20s, you are thinking a lot about your career. Communication plays a vital role in your career.

The need for good communication skills is far and wide. From your personal life to your professional life, how to interact with people around you, makes a big impact.

It enhances your personality and makes you feel confident about yourself.

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Along with speaking, written skills should also be known. Learn how to write a good formal letter, and resume, and how to express your thoughts clearly. This will help you extensively in a long run.

Over To You!

These were some of the life skills to learn in your 20s. These will help you in being self-dependent, confident, and overall personal growth.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Let me know if you think there can be more such skills. I would love to know from you.

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