What To Do When You Feel Burnt Out

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In this fast-moving and goal-oriented world, burnout is very common. We keep pushing ourselves beyond our capabilities for some rewards. These gains mean very less as compared to your own well-being. If you are feeling the same wondering what to do when you feel burnt out, this article is for you.

Before knowing what to do about burnout, first, take a look at what might be the possible signs. Check if you have these signs, could be one or more than one.

Signs That You Are Burnt out

1. Your Social Life Is Missing

Healthy relationships are an important component of adult life. Interactions with other people, be they friends or family make you feel good after a hectic day.

Make sure you have a bunch of people you can rely on!

2. You Feel Frustrated Often

Being tangled with work and things can make you feel frustrated. If this is happening on a regular basis, a break is much necessary.

Frustration comes when we are forcing ourselves on something and not able to do what we want to. 

3. Your Routine is Very Unstable

Do you have a routine? Even a rough one? If not, making one is what you need.

Not having a purpose to achieve or a proper routine in life can hurt your self-esteem and confidence. Find out the reason why a routine is missing. Is it a lack of purpose or lack of enthusiasm or just laziness?

4. You Feel Exhausted

Have you been working too much nowadays? It may happen sometimes that the workload is much higher than we expected.

We end up getting exhausted. If that is the case, plan a break.

5. You Feel Disconnected

Feeling disconnected from people and things around you can happen to many of us.

Sometimes it is normal but if you are frequently feeling it, you might need to take a break.

Find out the reasons why you have been feeling so, it is a lack of connections with others or just a hectic schedule.

6. You Are Emotionally Overwhelmed

Burnt out can’t always be from work. It may be emotional as well. Reasons can be many, a job you hate, taking care of a patient, the death of a loved one, spending too much time with someone, having a baby, and so on.

If you are feeling mentally exhausted and devoid of motivation, you might be having emotional burnout.

7. You Don’t Have Enough Time For Yourself

Not having enough time for yourself can irritate you. We all need breaks. It is imperative to have a ‘me time for everyone where you do something you love once in a while. Sometimes you might not even want to do anything, you just need rest. Take time out to rest and rejuvenate.

what to do when you feel burnt out

What To Do When You Feel Burnt Out

Now let us take a look at the solutions and things you can do when you are burnt out.

1. Find the Reason

Finding the reason why you feel a certain way is very important to heal it. Think of the reasons why you have been feeling low or burnt out.

Recall how many days you have been in low spirits and what happened all these days.

Is it something at work? Or household chores? Might be studying or sometimes spending too much time with other people can also make you feel overwhelmed and burnt.

2. Set Some Boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important to protect yourself from things you don’t like or that may affect you.

It honors our needs, we feel safer and more protected when we are clear about how we like to be treated.

If you have been spending too much time in an environment where you don’t feel good, it’s time to take time for yourself.

Always communicate openly about your boundaries to people. Don’t be afraid to say no or uphold your boundaries. Taking some time alone is one of the initial things to do when you feel burnt out.

3. Choose To Unplug

Technology can be distressing sometimes. If you are spending too much time on screens, it may affect your mental health.

It is very common for people nowadays to get addicted to their phones and laptops. Scrolling through social media, checking notifications every two minutes, and living life online is the new normal.

Knowing where to put that line is necessary. Keep your phone away for a day. Attend only important calls. Log out from the social media applications. Read my blog on How To Stop Phone Addiction and Live Life Offline.

4. Find Out the Options

You have been doing work that you are engaged in the whole day. So much so that it has started annoying you. What would you do?

It’s better to find options when you feel uncomfortable. You can ask for help from your friends, family, and colleagues. Or you can find an alternative to that work if possible. 

Ask yourself-

What else can be done if not this? 

Is there any other way to do this work?

Who can help me with this?

5. Practice Self Care

Taking care of yourself is as important as eating food. When you feel burnt out find your way of self-care. Self-care does not mean particular practices.

It can be anything that gives you happy and puts you in a comfortable spot. What is something that calms you down or refreshes you?

It can be something as simple as sleeping. You can watch a movie, enjoy a scrumptious meal or relax in a spa.

6. Try Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are believed to have a calming effect on your mind and body. You do not have to be an ardent follower of yoga to do this.

You can watch some videos or if you already know, do some stretches. Mediate for 10 minutes, pay attention to your breathing and stop your mind from thinking.

This can be one of the easiest ways to calm yourself down when you feel burnt out.

7. Talk To Someone

Talking to someone gives you emotional and social support. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers for venting out your feelings. You can share your struggles and take advice from them.

This will help you to cope with things better. If you are not feeling comfortable talking to someone, write down your feeling. Think of your diary as a human.

It is now scientifically proven that journaling your feeling can help you get a clearer picture and makes you feel better.

8. Get Organized

We often feel burnt out when we are lagging behind. It may be some tasks that we procrastinated on or an overload of unplanned work.

Try to keep your life organized. When you are organized things are easier to do. Wondering how to organize your life? Read my blog here.

9. Add exercise to your routine

Add exercise to your daily routine to lead a happy life. This is something that you have heard many times in your life.

Exercising only makes you fit and healthy but also keeps you mentally healthy.

When you exercise, the brain releases feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins. It helps you in managing stress and feels less burnt out.

10. Eat Healthily

Good food and the right nutrition supports a healthy body for sure but is also great for managing your stress.

There are foods that can increase your stress levels like sugar and refined carbs, caffeinated drinks, and fried foods.

On the other hand, fermented food, food high in magnesium and calcium, probiotics, and high-quality proteins can help you cope with stress and feel better.

Over To You

Now you know what to do when you feel burnt out. Hopefully, these tips have helped you. You can share your tips, we would love to know what helps you when you feel burnt out.

what to do when you feel burnt out

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