30 day challenges for self improvement

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Self-Improvement You Must Try!

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There is always something to improve in life. Improvement can start within you and it depends on you how determined you are to improve yourself. Want to take up a challenge to make your life better? Here are thirty 30-day challenge ideas that you can take inspiration from.

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30 day challenge ideas

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Health and Fitness

Waking up at 5 am Challenge

This is one of the most difficult challenges that people face around the world. There is a reason why many successful people around the world do this. 

Conditioning yourself to suddenly wake up early at 5 am if you normally wake up at 9, won’t work! You have to take it slow.

Find your own method of how you will day it. You can try waking up an hour early for a couple of days and then repeat the same. 

Having a healthy breakfast challenge

A good healthy breakfast will help you feel active and productive when your day starts.

If you are one of those who skip breakfast to save time or always have some snacks for breakfast, you must try this challenge. 

It is good for your body and your mind. Spend 10-15 minutes enjoying your rich breakfast, it fuels your body with nutrients and boosts energy for the whole day.

Exercise for an hour daily Challenge

Working out can be included at any time of your day but a morning workout has its own benefits. 

It boosts your metabolism and you feel active throughout the day. 30 minutes to an-hour workout is good to keep you fit and active. 

Developing a sleeping pattern challenge

Many of us struggle with maintaining a sleeping schedule. Take it as a challenge. Work on fixing your seeping pattern for the next 30 days.

Find out why your sleep is disturbed. Apply some strategies. How? Read my blog How To Sleep Better at Night.

Walking 10,000 steps daily challenge

A 10,000 steps challenge can be a great way to boost your physical activity status.

Does it help in weight loss or not is another question, your focus must be on pushing your body to a level where you can walk this much with ease.

There are many apps and bands today and recording and counting our steps is quite easy. Keep seeing those numbers, get motivated, and try to increase them.

30 Day Challenges For Self Care

Follow a Skin routine for everyday challenges

Do you often think about taking care of your skin better but end up ignoring it? You should take a challenge to make your skin feel better.

You don’t have to buy expensive skincare products, you can start with natural home remedies. Eat good food for your skin and do essential cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. See how it works!

Eating healthy and Exercising Challenge

Keeping yourself healthy should be prioritized when it comes to self-care. Take a challenge to eat only healthy food for a month and exercise 30 minutes daily.

I have done this and it felt amazing! You feel more active, need less sleep, and are happy and motivated.

30 minutes Hobby Challenge

Doing something you love releases the oxytocin hormone which is the happiness-inducing hormone.

Taking up a hobby or the following one you love can be a great stress buster. It also elevates your creativity level.

Quit Social Media Challenge

More than 200 million people suffer from social media addiction worldwide. Leaving social media and your smartphones can be quite challenging.

I tried it for months and I am glad I did. Living in an offline world is important for us to grow. If you want to know how you can cure it, Read my blog on How To Stop Phone Addiction.

Meditate Daily Challenge

Meditation can do wonders! It is immensely beneficial and a rewarding challenge to learn. You may find many videos and lessons online on how to start it. Do it for 30 days and notice the difference. 

30 Day Challenge Ideas to Quit Bad Habits

Quit Complaining Challenge

Some people have the habit of complaining about every minor issue. If you feel you are eligible for this challenge, this can be a great change in your life.

Complaining as a habit affects not only your personality but also your health. You increase your stress hormones which leads to various other health problems.

Bringing a positive change in this will make your life better

Quit Lying and Gossiping

Do you have a habit of gossiping or lying too much? Well, you know yourself and the bad habit you have.

Quitting a habit like lying or gossiping will make you a much better and happier person. These habits just add negative emotions to us.

We are fertilizing our minds with judgments and toxicity. This can be a big step in your self-growth if you choose to take this challenge.

Quit Smoking and Drinking Challenge

If you feel like quitting smoking or drinking, take it as a challenge now. We all know how it affects our health and life quality. You don’t need a different reason why you should quit it now.

Quit Procrastinating Challenge

If you have a habit of procrastinating, it’s time to take up this challenge. It adds to stress and anxiety at the last minute and makes you lazy.

The habit of procrastinating is also a risk factor for your mental and physical health. You can start by choosing small tasks and then reward yourself when you complete your tasks.

Quit Junk Food or Unhealthy Snacks

Resisting yourself from eating scrumptious food is hard! That is why you can take it as a challenge.

No matter how much we know about the harmful effects of eating junk food, we keep having it. Quit eating junk food and caffeinated drink for a month.

Make a habit of enjoying it occasionally. Eat healthy food and nourish your body and mind.

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Happiness

Keeping a Gratitude Journal Challenge

Journaling can be a great way to improve yourself, know yourself, and understand yourself. Many people around the world are using journaling as therapy.

Writing down your feeling helps you in lowering stress, fears, and concerns. You can dedicate 10 minutes a day to this activity.

Read my blog on How To Start Journaling to understand better.

Listening to an Inspiring Podcast Challenge

When you listen to something, your brain makes a mental image of the things you are listening. Find out some podcasts that motivate you or make you happier. It can be anything new or something of your interest. This will help you stay positive and happier.

Avoiding Negative Self-Talk Challenge

Many times life puts us in a situation where we start doubting ourselves and start negative self-talk. Some of us do it more than others.

If you feel you have been doing this, it’s time to stop it now and change this habit. Do not say mean things to yourself no matter what. Instead, focus on loving yourself.

Self-love is very important and talking to yourself negatively will only make you unhappy. Only make positive affirmations and have trust in yourself. 

Spend time with family and friends challenge

How often do you sit down with your friends and family just to talk and spend quality time? The digital world has affected it. We become so busy in our lives that we forget to bond with our loved ones.

Take it as a challenge, you will spend at least 30 minutes a day talking to people close to you. Ask them how they are and tell them how your day went.

Also, weekly you can make plans to spend quality time. Plan a picnic or a short trip together. This will help you make healthier relationships with the people around you. 

Laugh Everyday Challenge

Laughing not only improves your mood and positivity but is also good for your health. It helps in lowering your stress and increases blood circulation.

You can watch something funny or do a family activity where you make a joke jar. Doing laughter exercises can also be a part of it. Find ways to be happy and laugh out at silly things instead of stressing. 

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Self-Growth and Goals

Read A book Daily Challenge

Reading has many benefits. If you read something before going to bed, it helps in sleeping better. If you are not a daily reader, start with an easy book Or a book of your interest. Read 15 minutes or 5 pages a day. Looking for some recommendations? Read here.

Learn A Skill Challenge

Learning something new is good for your mental well-being and adds to your self-confidence. Is there something already on your mind that you wanted to learn? If not, you can check out Skills you can learn online for free.

Study Routine for 2-4 hours Daily

If you are in a student or learning phase, your top priority must be studying. But for most of us, it is not interesting at all.

Take time out for your weaker subjects, and find different sources of learning to understand better. Make sure you dedicate a certain amount of time, whatever you feel is appropriate to your studies, and achieve your academic career goals.

Do Something Creative Everyday

When you do something creative, it leads to an increase in positive emotions, reduces stress, and elevates your self-esteem.

Try to incorporate a creative activity into your daily life.

Spend at least 30 minutes on it. If you cannot do it daily, do it atleast twice a week. 

Become Organized Challenge

Being organized is one of the most difficult tasks in life. We struggle to be organized in everything. Some tips might help you. Read my blog on How to make your life organized and take it as a challenge.

30 Days Challenge Ideas For Finances

Save Few Bucks every day

Many times we have a couple of bucks left in our pockets when we return home. Make a small money bank where you deposit all your left pennies. 

Stick to a weekly budget

Budgeting as a habit is very important if you want to manage your finances in a better way. Make a weekly budget of how much you are going to spend on groceries, important items, snacks, hangout with friends, etc. Stick to that budget and try to achieve your financial goals.

Shopping Ban Challenge

Are you a shopaholic? Or do you feel you spend too much on unnecessary things sometimes? Take up a shopping ban challenge. Leave your habit of getting attracted and spending money on lots of things. Purchase only what’s important.

Start a Side Income Challenge

Side hustles are on the rise.

Did you know that nearly 45% of Americans are having side hustles along with their jobs?

There are many benefits of having a side hustle and the most important of them all is extra income and more savings. Explore ideas and find out what you can try.

Track Your Spending Challenge

How often do you keep an account of your earnings and spending? Tracking your money is important to keep your finances organized and maintain financial security.

You have better control and less stress. Track your spending for 30 days and know your financial habits.

Over To You

These were some 30-day challenge ideas that you can try to improve yourself. Taking up a challenge is hard but once you complete you will be better, happier, and more confident.

Wait! Do not forget your Free Tracker Template! Download it here.

30 day challenge ideas

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