toxic habits to quit

Toxic Habits To Quit In Life For Personal Growth

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We all know and focus on things we should do in life but how often do you think about what not to do? Realizing what not to do is equally important in life! Let’s talk about toxic habits to quit in life here and now.

There are habits that we are unaware of that may be causing hurdles in our life. Knowing what these toxic habits are and how to quit them can make a big impact on your life.

Toxic habits can be addictive they may be comforting for a short period but affects your life in a longer Run. Here are 10 toxic habits to quit for personal growth.

toxic habits to quit in life

Toxic Habits To Quit In Life For Personal Growth

1. Procrastination

Procrastinating repeatedly can become a very depressing habit. We procrastinate things for fear of failure, low self-confidence, or for relieving stress.

It restricts your personal growth and even leads to low morale and depression.

It’s important to break this habit before it becomes everlasting. Start by doing smaller tasks, you can begin but one or two.

Rewards yourself for completing tasks. Create a to-do list that can help you keep up with your improvement.

Another great way is doing physical activities, they can make you less lazy that can help you accelerate improvement.

2. Impulsive Buying

Are you an impulsive buyer?

Do you seek instant satisfaction by purchasing things to make yourself happy?

Impulsive buying can make you lose your hard-earned money swiftly which you could have saved or invested in something better.

If you are one, try to make a list before you go out shopping, make sure you do not purchase anything out of the list.

You can also try online shopping. Before ordering an item, save it in your cart for some time. This time will make you realize later if you actually wanted that product or not.

3. Phone Addiction

Our cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We look at our phones as soon as we wake up, many start their day on our social media handles.  This habit can be toxic to your mental health.

Phone addiction not only harms you physically but also affects you mentally to an extent that you do not realize it is doing so.

If you are also addicted to your phone, it’s time to break this habit! Read my blog on How To Stop Phone Addiction And Live Life Offline

Here are some small tips, turn off notifications from apps that are distracting, do not take your phone to your bed, restrict your social media usage by setting up timers, and spend more and more time outside or with your friends and family.

4. Living In The Past

Losing your present to your past is not a good idea. You may have had some good or bad experiences in the past but you must learn from them and know what to carry in the future.

It’s better to live in the present which is still in your control. Don’t be hard on yourself for mistakes you have made or thinking about situations you have been in. Move on and make the best out of the rest. Read How To Have A Better Relationship With Yourself

5. Living Under Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is when you are influenced by others and do things in a certain way. It is most common among teenagers and youngsters but it is not completely vanished for adults.

Do you feel you get influenced by people easily and can’t say no?

It can lead to low confidence, poor decision-making, and many other negative emotions.

Start by developing self-confidence in yourself tell you telling your friend that you do not want to do a certain thing if completely ok learn that everyone is different and that doesn’t make anybody less important.

6. Being in Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship can be with anybody be it a friend, family member, or lover. There is a lack of trust, and controlling behavior and you are never comfortable with that person. 

Relationships take a lot of you which is not worth it. You must be your own priority, believe in yourself, and know that you deserve every bit of happiness and peace.

Let go of anything that is taking away that from you. Read How To Have Healthier Relationships With People Around You.

7. Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is extremely important for your personal growth and developing a better relationship with yourself.

As we grow up, we gradually realize that taking care of ourselves is important and needed. 

It will make you love yourself more and you become aware of your own needs. It can help you manage stress and you feel more encouraged. Here are self-care ideas you can try this weekend.

8. No Physical Activity

We all are aware of the importance of exercise in our daily lives. Physical activity reduces your risk of developing several diseases and improves your health.

It also makes you feel motivated and is significant for your mental health. 

Even 30 minutes of exercise daily can bring a big change. Do any kind of physical activity that you like.

It can be walking, yoga, dancing, or sports. You will feel the difference yourself once you start doing it.

Read How To Be Energetic All Day

9. Unhealthy Eating

Eating outside food or binge-eating is a dangerous toxic habit for your body. It affects your physical and your mental health to a great extent.

We often depend on packaged food, junk food that saves our time and makes our taste buds happy but in the long run it causes adverse effects. 

Many people are nowadays realizing this and shifting to healthy eating. Try eating as much healthy food as you can. It’s better to make your body happy now than to regret it later.

10. Disorganized Life

Disorganized living only brings stress and more stress. Being organized in life will save you a lot of time and energy.

You become more confident and relaxed, it also improves your work-life balance in your relationships. Here’s my blog about How to make your life more organized.

Over To You!

These were 10 toxic habits to quit in life for personal growth. It is very difficult to break a habit, you can start with two of these and later include more.

I hope this article helped you, if you feel you can list more of these, I would love to know them. Happy Living!

toxic habits to quit in life

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