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Topic Ideas To Start A Blog in 2022

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Are you planning to start a blog in 2022? That’s great! Not sure what to write about? The most important thing to decide when you enter the blogging world is the topic ideas to start a blog.

You might be having a few favourite topics of yours in your head or you may be struggling to find just one. The blogging industry or the content marketing industry is worth 412 million dollars by 2021 and this will keep growing. 

Let us first understand what a topic or a niche is. 

A niche is a topic your blog focuses on. Your content will fall under different categories of that niche.

For example, If you start a food blog, your niche is food. Under it, you can place categories like breakfast ideas, Dinner recipes, and so on.

When you decide on a niche, you have to make a clear mind on who your audience is. For a food blog, your audience can be people looking for recipes.

While choosing a niche, make a vision how you what you want from your blog and how it will be in the near and far future.

Why is selecting a niche or topic important?

Your niche decides who your audience is, and who you have to market to and earn from sometime down the road. It is the focus point of your business, interests, and goals. 

For developing a connection with your audience you must give them what they like, and gradually you will learn what topics are more famous and where to focus in future.

You can start with a niche or choose a particular topic under it called a micro-niche.

In a niche blog you focus on a particular topic, say travel, it is such a vast topic and can include unlimited ideas.

In a micro-niche blog, you can pick a category under travel like ‘Budget Travel’. Now your blog will be focused on people who like to travel on a budget.

I hope you get my point!

When you narrow down to a particular topic, you target a highly specific group as your audience. Also, there is less competition as compared to niche blogs.

What to know before choosing a niche?

What if you start a blog but after some time you don’t get the desired result? You will eventually lose motivation. This is what happens to most bloggers. How should you make sure that the topic you are choosing is right?  I will suggest you ask yourself three questions-

What are you most passionate about? Something you can write about without getting bored.

What do you specialize in? Anything you have a lot of knowledge about.

Is it something people will be interested in reading and knowing? A blog is about the audience!

The first two questions you will not have a problem thinking about. For the third one, do a little research. There is absolutely no necessity to stick strictly to a topic. You can experiment initially and see what your audience are liking more. 

It is true that there are blogs on thousands of topics and there can be many more. Here I am going to discuss a few topic ideas to start a blog in 2022.

Topic Ideas To Start A Blog in 2024

Let us take a look at some major niches which are the most famous niches on the internet. These are-

  • Food
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal Development or Self Improvement
  • Beauty and Fashion 
  • Travel
  • Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Hobbies
  • Education and Career

These are some hot topics that are the most searched topics on the internet. These topics are high on competition. Now, there are sub-niche under this niche that are very high in demand and believed to be in the upcoming times. Here are 80+ topics you can start a blog on.


  1. Personal development or self-improvement
  2.  Latest fashion trends
  3.  Relationships
  4.  Selfcare
  5.  Minimalist or Simple living
  6. Beauty hacks
  7.  How to live life and a particular age group
  8. Personal lifestyle
  9.  Self-healing experiences
  10. Lavish Lifestyle or Celebrity Lifestyle


  1. Healthy eating
  2. How to control your weight for weight loss
  3.  Diet according to your body type diet
  4.  Nutrition
  5.  Mental health
  6.  Meditation
  7.  Mindfulness
  8.  Women Health
  9.  Exercises for people of all age groups
  10.  Herbal remedies


  1. How to travel on a budget
  2. Tips for Solo travellers solo travelling
  3.  Places to visit in a particular state or country
  4.  Hacks for travelling
  5.  How to travel along with work
  6.  Travelling tips for females
  7.  Cultures tourism
  8.  Religious  travel
  9.  Adventure Travel
  10.  Wildlife and ecotourism


  1. Latest trends in technology
  2.  Latest electronic products reviews
  3.  Computer accessories
  4.  Virtual reality
  5.  Learning a new computer language
  6.  How to build a computer application
  7. Latest medical devices
  8.  How to apply science in daily life
  9.  How to build a gadget or innovate something new
  10. Tech support


  1. Recipe blog
  2.  Baking
  3.  Restaurant reviews of a particular city or area
  4.  Street food
  5.  Food-related to a particular culture
  6.  Healthy food
  7.  Food recipes for people on a diet
  8.  Food recipes for weight loss
  9. Recipes for quick meals
  10.  Reviews of the latest kitchen equipment

Finance and Entrepreneurship

  1. How to start a small business
  2.  How to do marketing for new business
  3.  Small business ideas
  4.  How to Invest
  5.  How to make money online side hustles
  6.  Cryptocurrency and other digital currencies
  7.  Banking hacks
  8.  How to live on a budget and save money
  9. How to get out of debt
  10. Stock market

Education and Career

  1. Advice for teenagers career advice
  2.  Learning new skills
  3.  Online learning
  4.  Teaching blood of a particular subject
  5.  Part-time jobs for students
  6.  Study hacks and tips
  7. Book reviews
  8. Interview blog of successful people
  9. How to apply for scholarships around the world
  10.  How to prepare for a particular exam


  1.  DIY home decor items
  2.  Painting Sketching
  3.  Makeup and fashion
  4.  Dancing
  5.  How to play a  musical instrument 
  6.  Calligraphy
  7. Web series review
  8. How to edit photos online
  9. How to cook a new cuisine
  10. Video Gaming


These were topic ideas to start a blog on this year. I hope this list helped you. If now, you have decided on the topic of your blog, read how to start a blog from scratch. Happy Blogging!

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